What Is The Uganda Survivors Network?

The Uganda National Victims and Survivors Network is an establishment resulting from the multiple survivor networks that have been formed across the four regions of Greater Northern Uganda.

Over the past year Emerging Solutions Africa (ESA) and Redress have been conducting community outreaches in the Greater Northern regions of West Nile, Acholi, Lango and Teso. The major objective of these outreaches has been to empower Victims with the knowledge and skills to become their own advocates in the ongoing Transitional Justice Processes in Uganda.

To be able to achieve the above objective, we realized that Victims must be organized under a clear victim-led leadership structure for easy mobilization, empowerment and accountability in every region. The combination of all the regional network structures is what shall culminate into the Uganda National Victims and Survivors Network after its launch in September.

Who Will Be Part Of The Network?

The Network is purely Victim centered with a clear Victim led leadership. The victims themselves shall therefore be part of the Network.

How Is The Network Being Created?

During the community outreaches Victims voted for their leaders/representatives in all four regions. The victims who attended the outreaches were the immediate recruits into the Network. These four networks put together will from into the Uganda National Victims and Survivors’ Network.

When Will The Network Be Officially Launched?

The Network will be officially launched in Kampala at a High-level event in September 2019; representing one of the major outputs of all the community outreaches that have happened.

Who Will Manage The Victims’ Network?

The Victims’ Leadership shall manage the Network in consultation with Emerging Solutions Africa and the Uganda Victims Foundation (UVF).

How Can Survivors Be Part Of The Network?

Survivors can be part of the Network through the Network leadership in their various regions. This one of the reasons why Emerging Solutions Africa, REDRESS and UVF are going to facilitate a Network training to train the network leaders from the four regions (West Nile, Lango, Teso and Acholi) on how to reach out, empower and motivate other victims to join the network.